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Jaz´z•knit•ting l’jaz nit ti NG l  noun


1 improvisational response to a dyer’s lead: Jazzknitting will change the way you think about knitting with hand-painted yarns.butterfly_dicentra_300.jpg


2 drawing by knitting with a thread that’s already been painted: Jazzknitting will change the way you think about knitting.


3 knitting with no worries:


This book on Jazzknitting will change your life!


Jazzknitting is a creative and liberating way to make the most of knitting's natural tendencies to curl, pool and stripe while using hand-painted yarns. Like Jazz musicians responding to each other's melodies, Jazzknitted shapes are directly affected by the dyer's decisions. Carefully chosen skeins can provide a wealth of possible knitted forms, each more intriguing than the next.



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